Cork, with a new purpose

  • Dec 10, 2019

It’s commonly believed there is cork shortage and that its commercial use must not be sustainable. In fact, not only is there is plenty of cork around, it is one of the most sustainable materials available. The cork oak tree lives for over 200 years, and for most of its life it yields and regenerates its bark – our cork – in 9 year cycles. By purchasing cork promotional products we help ensure that the cork forests of the Mediterranean remain economically viable and thus continue to provide their vast biodiversity and serve as a defense against desertification of the region.

When thin layers of harvested cork are fused to a natural lining, the result is a soft, flexible and unique fabric. This fabric is just not being offered in the promo products market. Triple Tree is proud of its close relationship with Corkor, a family-run business in Portugal that produces stylish cases for laptops and phones, bags and wallets, all of which can be decorated with company logos for primo employee and customer gifts.

Our favorite item is the iPad case, which can deliver to you at an affordable price with your logo laser engraved or printed in full color.

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